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October 29, 2008

PMC Runner's Account of 2008 Marine Corps Marathon

Hi Don:
Finished in 4:18:03 shaving 14 minutes off my Boston time, and was even
able to enjoy end of the race, waving to all the cheering fans
. A
genuine Marine placed the finishers medal around my neck. The route was
mostly very beautiful, going through Georgetown, and some wooded areas,
and up one side of the mall, past the capitol, then back the other side.
In the early going it was foggy, and you could see the runners ahead 
silhouetted by glowing, sun illuminated fog. There were some very good
bands along the way.  Lots of enthusiastic spectators, comparable to the
Boston Marathon.
I approximately followed the strategy of taking walking breaks by
walking through the water stops.
No problems with quads this time, but my socks did give me blisters.

Mark Cronin-Golomb

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"Part of the reason I chose to run with Tufts is that I know the money I raise is being put to good use - I know the people, I know the organization, and it is all top-notch."

- Jeff Candura, Associate Director, Tufts Fund

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