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March 30, 2009

Activities to avoid/reduce during a Taper Period

Hi Don
So are Yoga, Pilates and weight training OK during the taper? What about complete rest days -- are Yoga, Pilates or weights OK then?
Thanks for your advice!
Linda Ponzini


Hi Linda....All three of these activities should be reduced/avoided during the final 2 weeks ... many of our runners are not accustom to being completely rested...however, once the body acclimates itself you will begin to store energy...as you reduce the distance and number of times you run, your energy levels will surface...and you must resist the temptation to run too fast or test your speed...the marathon is an event that will require your total attention during the final preparation phase...however, when the event begins...just let the flow of the crowd take over...remember to pace yourself...easy...very easy at first...there will come a time when you may have to walk during a water stop...this is fine and expected...and enjoy the day...because when you cross the finish line you will become a member of a very elite group..we call them the 1 per centers...because less than one percent of the world's population have ever completed a marathon!

Good luck Linda! Sincerely yours, Don Megerle


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