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March 30, 2009

To use or not use an iPod!!!

Dear Runners - In our Taper Lecture I made the comment that runners should not train/compete with an iPod...here is Chrissy Ungaro's personal experinece!

Hi Coach Don-
To summarize my iPod experience...

I started yesterday's long run without my iPod just to see how I would do.
Things were going fine; I was focused and not letting the rain get to me.
After awhile my hands were so cold from the rain that they started to hurt,
so I decided to put my iPod in to distract me from focusing on my hands.
You were right, it was a complete mistake!  Even though I had the music on
relatively quiet, it was hard to hear my breath and I couldn't get in a
rhythm on the hills.  Instead of getting me through a slump, I think it made
it worse.  After about a half hour I shut my iPod back off, but it took
quite awhile for me to get myself mentally back together.  I wonder how many
other runs I went on with my iPod that could have been better if I were more
focused from the get-go like I was yesterday.  Next time I hit a slump, I
know it's because I need to focus more, not less!  I'm officially cutting
myself off from iPod usage when I run!

Thanks Coach!


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"Today was amazing, painful, but great. Sign me up for next year!"

- Laura Blackwell, G08

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