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Tufts University: The President's Marathon Challenge

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Results from Recent Half Marathon and Marathon Events

Several PMC runners have participated in recent marathon and half marathon events. Following are some results. Keep up the great work . . . and information of personal accomplishments coming!
New York City Marathon
Runners of all levels completed this landmark marathon:

  • PMC Team Co-Captain Eric Johnson finished his 20th marathon. This most recent race also concluded his quest to complete all five “major” marathons (London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, and NYC) in one year. He runs to honor his son, Griffin Johnson, who is a member of the United States Army and serving his country in Iraq.
  • Don White had an excellent run improving his time by over 27 minutes from his 2008 Boston Marathon.
  • Mike Conroy also had an excellent run improving his time by over 15 minutes from his 2008 Boston Marathon.
  • Freidman Nutrition School student, Juli Huddleston, had an extraordinary run, in her first marathon, by completing the 26.2 miles in 3:30:03 that officially qualified her for the 2009 Boston Marathon.
  • Claire Neumann, administrator at the Tufts Medical School, added another marathon to her resume.
  • Veteran PMC Marathoners, Phil Swain and Jim Barnes, also added another 26.2 miles to their 'marathon belt' of successful runs.
Marine Corps Marathon

PMC newcomer, Tufts senior Andrew Lee (brother of veteran PMC runner Angie Lee) completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 3:32:04.
Manchester City Marathon

Joel Braman, student at the Tufts Medical School, completed the hilly MCM in 3:24:13.
Manchester City Half Marathon

Kristin Guyot, veteran PMC marathoner, won her division in the MC Half Marathon.  
BAA Half Marathon                                         
Sheila Carrera-Justiz, resident at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, completed her first half marathon. Meaghan Guziewicz, veteran PMC marathoner, also completed this half marathon.
Additional Updates                                         
Veteran PMC marathoners, Molly Saghirian (Tufts alum) and Ben Starr (Ben's wife is a graduate of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine) ran the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23. We will report their times when available.
"You helped me to overcome the barriers between wishing I was a marathoner and seeing myself as a strong, tough, powerful, determined, athletic, successful runner and woman. Thank you for the most amazing gift one could ever receive!"

- Elizabeth Bennett, F08

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