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Tufts University: The President's Marathon Challenge

Shivani Sockanathan

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Donations this year: $2,139.00
My Goal: $1,500.00

Shivani's Bio

Graduation Year: 2012

I'm a senior, majoring in Biopsychology and Child Development. I've run one half marathon in Boston in the past, but this will be my first full marathon. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to run it on the Tufts team! Thanks for your support!

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Good luck Shivani!! :)
Hi Good Luck. Best wishes fro Dishani & Raj (UK)
Indhiran Sundaralingam
$51.00 Gift
Enjoy the very looong run! Good Luck, Indhiran
subha somasegaram
$100.00 Gift
All the very best Shivi, lots of love Subha Akka xxx
Shaileendra Ravindra
Good Luck on the run.
Nina Dudhale
You are amazing and I'm so proud of you! Good luck! Love you :)
Marissa Maiello
Good luck Shivani!!! :)
$750.00 Gift
Go Shivani! I'm happy to help with this cause. Enjoy the marathon. Love Murali
Janaki Veerakumar
Arjuna and Anjana Arulananthan
$100.00 Pledge
Hi Shivani, Good luck for the marathon, love Arjuna anna, Sharmini Acca and Anjana Acca
Best of luck with the training and marathon.
Anujaan Sinnadurai
$100.00 Pledge
Hey shivi, good luck sis, make us proud hope this helps. Anujaan anna
Rachael Beekman
Shivanarama! I am so happy I am running this with you. Don't know what I would do without your giggles on those long cold training runs...
Hishendhra Ravindra
Good luck Shivani!
Wish you all the best
Yoga Ranganathan
Good luck & Great Job
Shawn Huda
I figured Id wait until the initial surge wore off and provide a second wind!! Good luck, youll be awesome!
Best of luck Shivani! We'll all be cheering for you!
Best of luck!
Dakshana Haran
I am so proud of you Shivani and I know you can do it! We'll all be cheering you on :) I love you!
Good luck Shivani!!
Jenani Jayakumaran
Congrats Shivi!
Sharlini Sockanathan
So proud of you...can't wait to take pictures of you, looking accomplished and sweaty!!
Ariamalar Selvakumar
Good Show Shivani
Lauren Kidd
Good luck Shivani! Ill be cheering you on! xo
Basil Pushparajah
Congratulations Shivani.
Matthew Nazarian
I just want to let you know...we're all counting on you to win it all.
Avigya Shrestha
I'm SO proud of you and will be waiting to stuff your face with cookies at the finish line xoxo
Moahan Balendra
You will add Sparlkle to the Race Shivi. Love Geetha Acca family Periamma & Moahan Anna
Nathan Sockanathan
Congratulations and good luck! Appa, Amma and Sharlini


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Tue Feb 07 20:55:51 EST 2012
Where'd winter go?

This past weekend Rach and I ran the Great Stew Chase, a 15K Race in Lynn, MA. It was the perfect weather and a great run (except for the "memorable hill"...wasn't ready for that one) and the best part was that we were rewarded with delicious beef stew at the end! It seemed like a great annual tradition and I'm glad we got to participate

The training runs haven't been bad at all..There was only one super cold morning below 10 degrees (and of course i forgot my gloves!) but we've been lucking out with no snow and reasonable temperatures (fingers crossed that itll stay that way!) 

So in the upcoming weeks I'm hoping to do more hills. I'm up to 11 mile runs on Sundays and keeping with the 7.6 miles on Wednesdays. Hoping to do a 14 mile run with Rach next week and that'll be the longest I've ever run!- kinda really scary, but I know we'll just talk the whole time like we always do =) And hopefully Kait will get better soon and join in on all the fun!

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Wed Jan 04 22:09:21 EST 2012

 I've been training with the team since September, but it's so great to finally hear that I will be officially running for Tufts on marathon day!

Running the marathon is something I am choosing to do because it's a challenge that really tests my ambition and effort. Anyone who has known me for a while knows that I was never an athletic person (by any means haha), but I've been working really hard and can't wait to run it!

I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming months of training, and I will post updates along the way! 

Thanks for all the support and encouragement that helped me get here!

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"Running with the PMC has been such a fantastic, wonderful and rewarding experience. It's difficult to describe, but the running is almost secondary."

- Rebecca Boulos, N10

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