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Tufts University: The President's Marathon Challenge

Kaitlyn Bowles

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Donations this year: $1,805.20
My Goal: $1,500.00

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Bradley Bowles
$100.00 Gift
Kait we are very proud of you! Love, Brad, Tracy, Gillian and Addison
Lisa Albert
Way to make it count! Enjoy every aspect of running through Boston in this famous event!
Good luck Kait.
Run! Run! Kait
Robert Bowles
Go Kaitlyn! We'll be thinking about you! Good luck!
Martin Schultz
So proud of you, Kait!! Love you!
Kaitlyn, all your hard work is finally paying off. How great is that? We wil;l follow your progress with great pride!.Love, Nonny & Ga.
Kaitlyn - we'll be thinking of you on race day and are so proud of you! Love, The Havens Family
$100.00 Gift
$100.00 Gift
Kaitlyn, you are such an inspiration and we are certain you will reach your goal! The entire Perales family wishes you 26.2 miles of success!!
Rick and Kathy Bowles
To our daughter...who always amazes and makes us proud. We will see you at the Finish Line!
Ann Appert
Have fun Kaitlyn - If I can do a half this should be a piece fo cake for you!
Good luck, Kaitlynn!
Lindsay Bowles
Love you duck.
Hannah OBrien
Good luck b!! So proud.
Karly Topkis
Go Kaitlyn! I know that you will do amazing! I have complete confidence in you!
Rachael Beekman
Avery Epstein
yeah buddy!!!
Enxhi Popa
Katie Messier
$25.00 Gift
Good luck lady!
Lauren Kidd
$20.00 Gift
Good luck Kait!
You go girl! I'll be on the sidelines cheering!
Matthew Nazarian
Break a leg--actually why don't we just go with good luck for this one.
Go Kaitlyn! You are awesome and an inspiration. I'm so proud of you. Love, Rose


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Thu Jan 05 21:21:57 EST 2012
Adding to the Bucket List

I'm officially running the Boston Marathon! Why? Well, because last year at this time it was an accomplishment to run 4 miles...so why not run 26.2 this year? I never dreamed I would actually attempt a marathon, though it was something I always thought would be quite the feat. So now I'm putting all of my hatred for running aside and embracing it :D 

I'm up to about 12.5 miles now...I'll keep you updated on my progress!


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“There is much to be said about preparing for a marathon. Some coaches will take notice of proper nutrition, while others might highlight distance and pace. There are those who will encourage you to read articles and watch videos. And then there is Coach, with the most invaluable tip of all: Believe. Think positively. Trust yourself. Imagine that you really can do it – and then go ahead and fulfill your dreams.”

- Eyal Amit, A09

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